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Award Winning Microsoft Dynamics Partner Alithya

Why Customers Choose Alithya

“We love the Alithya methodology. It’s empowered us so we feel like we actually own the CRM system. It’s been agile, it’s been quick, it’s been responsive and we’ve learnt a lot about our own business processes. CRM is transforming our business, helping us to have the right conversations with our clients to generate leads. It means we are actually able to improve the service and add value to our clients. CRM has helped us to put in a much more robust client engagement process, which leads to much greater client satisfaction. ” 


Mark Sykes, Partner Head

BDO Drive

"Alithya helped us migrate from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 in an incredible 13 weeks!! We've been most impressed by the consistency and the quality of the Alithya team."

"We are a complicated business, we operate across a number of sectors, a number of geographies and actually having a partner who would engage with us, who would work across our extensive stakeholder community and help us to manage the prioritisation of requirements and capabilities was really important to us." 


Katy Bassett, Chief of Staff, UK & Europe


 "Alithya in some ways are not a CRM provider they’re a business partner for us. If you get the right business partner with Microsoft, that's an essential-essential combination.” Barry adds "CRM allows us to think in a different way. It has been fundamental. Any business that’s in that change phase needs to be able to justify its direction of travel. It needs to be able to ask: ‘Are we making progress, is it in the right direction or do we need to shift that direction? CRM is a way to do that for our business for the last 4 years."  

Barry Andrew headshot

Barry Andrew, Group Commercial Director




Dynamics 365 has improved how BDO's consultants sell and deliver the projects for their clients. They now have full visibility of all project deliverables, with an automated process and more efficiency through-out the business.



Moving to the cloud has enabled Travel Counsellors to re-engineer their business processes. 




The quality of the Alithya team has helped Serco's project to  switch from Salesforce to Dynamics complete on time and to budget. In just 13 weeks! 


James fisher
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travel counsellors


We work across the Microsoft Corp and have been delighted to receive these quotes.

"Alithya are supporting Professional Services and Manufacturing customers with rapid time to value and modern deployment. They help customers harness the power of the cloud, debunking the migration from on-premise software and showing a different path for unhappy Salesforce users. Their blend of IT support and technical development centred on tangible business outcomes enabled Serco to deploy Microsoft Dynamics in just 13 weeks."

Marie Abery bio pic

Marie Abery

Microsoft Dynamics Business Group Director

"Alithya are a fantastic partner to work with. Whether they are working to source new opportunities across my territory or accelerating complex projects, Alithya give 110% every step of the sales process. My customers feel confident in Alithya’s ability and process to deliver on time and successful transformation projects. Thanks again for all your support this year."


Olivia Torr bio pic

Olivia Torr

SMC Cloud Specialist

"Alithya's laser focus on the Manufacturing and Professional services industries and their ability to engage throughout the whole of the Microsoft organisation from Corp to local Dynamics, OCP, Sales, FastTrack and Customer Success teams has seen them soar to be a top 5 strategic Dynamics partner in the UK.

The team are always willing to collaborate closely with Microsoft, sharing feedback on products, process and best practice in order to drive the success of Business Applications. A brilliant example of this is how they’ve become the lead partner for Dynamics On Prem to On-line, both in terms of Co-Selling with our sales teams and their engagement with FastTrack. 

Lorraine Nicol bio pic

Lorraine Nicol

Partner Development Manager

“Alithya are the partner I have worked with who inject the necessary pace to achieve client objectives and project payback , I wish we could clone them”.

Simon Stronoch headshot

Simon Stronach

Enterprise Sales Specialist

"I always have real confidence when I know Alithya are engaged with our team and their customers. I love their super-clear value propositions, deep focus on specific industries, and an energetic, customer-centric and thorough approach to their own sales activity and how they Cosell with our teams".

Simon Macenroe bio pic

Simon MacEnroe

Partner Sales Director Small, Mid-Market & Corporate

“Alithya Fullscope are playing a leading role in transforming our Dynamics business in the UK. Their Partner to Partner strategy coupled with innovative service and support delivery is helping mainstream Dynamics within our scale providers and is generating exponential growth for Dynamics 365 and Alithya.”

Rob Pope bio pic

Robert Pope

Dynamics 365 SMC Territory Channel Manager


846 CRM Admins!

We are helping to shape the future of the technology industry by educating the next generation workforce of consultants. We’ve trained 846 (and counting) CRM Admins in the UK through our D365 University Black Belt Program? We take very seriously the need to grow the Dynamics eco system and supporting the development of the next generation of CRM consultants. Our aim is to enable them to play a key role in deployment, adoption and continual improvement of the Dynamics 365 platform in years to come. 


CRM admins

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