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Fast-track your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM upgrade

Claim your FREE on-prem to online migration assessment worth $10,000

Is it time you moved to Dynamics 365 Online?

An upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 Online will help you reduce costs, improve agility and more. So why wait?

To help you take the first step, we've partnered with Microsoft to put together a FREE migration assessment offer worth $10,000 for organisations thinking of upgrading to cloud CRM.

This includes:

  • A review of your current system
  • Requirements capture
  • Scoping for the upgrade from on-prem to online
  • A costed proposal for you to review
  • A fixed-fee statement of work and project plan

The offer expires 31 March 2019, so fill out the form to claim your assessment now.

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Claim your
FREE assessment

worth $10,000


How moving CRM to the cloud delivers business value


Lower TCO

Moving CRM to the cloud can deliver a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

 When considering the TCO of CRM, it's easy to overlook long-term costs that increase the TCO on an on-prem solution.

When considering a move to the cloud, be sure to look at the implications of lower infrastructure costs and the switch from a capex to opex model.


New capabilities

 Benefit from updates and new features sooner.

Cloud CRM benefits from new features sooner than an on-prem solution. For Dynamics 365 Online customers, updates and new features are added every six months, compared to every 12 months for on-prem.

In addition, there are a number of new capabilities that are included as part of the online licence.


Time to value 

Get a faster return on your CRM investment by moving to the cloud.

According to Microsoft data, an on-prem CRM solution takes an average of 28 months to deliver ROI.

This drops to just 17 months when CRM is deployed in the cloud.

“Our migration to CRM Online is giving us the right foundations to unlock the value add features Azure offers businesses. Whether it’s LinkedIn integration or AI, the cloud allows more rapid deployment of these capabilities through test, learn and optimise.”


Travel Counsellors 

Moving from on-prem to online with Dynamics 365

When moving your CRM to the cloud, we believe you shouldn't expect less from the online version - you should expect more. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, you get enterprise-grade tools and above-standard security while cutting back on infrastructure costs.


Dynamics 365 Online

On-prem CRM

Total cost of ownership

  • No up-front cost for hardware and software
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to turn capex spend into opex spend
  • Lower TCO than on-prem CRM
  • Large up-front investments required for hardware, software and deployment
  • Ongoing costs for IT maintenance and administration, upgrades, and disaster recovery testing

Latest innovations

  • Gain benefits from new innovations sooner than on-prem with a faster update schedule and improved application integration with later releases
  • Always deliver the latest productivity tools 
  • Maximise the ROI of your investments
  • Lose value if you do not implement key capabilities

Secure and high-performing infrastructure

  • Hosted in highly secure, Microsoft-owned and managed data centres for a 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Certifies and ensures compliance for commercial and government customers
  • Customer manages CRM in-house, purchases and installs hardware and software, and provides storage, network, and data centres
  • Customer must achieve compliance as required by business

Scalability and availability

  • Application and infrastructure management is handled for you and backed by a SLA of 99.9%
  • New users can be activated almost instantly without the need to build new infrastructure
  • High availability, disaster recovery and redundancy are built-in and provided domestically 
  • Availability is dependent on your ability to administer the solution and the amount you are willing to pay for high-availability solutions
  • Disaster recovery requires expensive up-front investments and time spent managing backups
  • New users may need new infrastructure to support additional scale

IT focus

  • Focus IT on strategic efforts to achieve better business alignment by reducing complexity associated with hardware, software, support, update, backup or tech training activities
  • Customer handles all troubleshooting, updates and upgrades


  • Deploys instantly into Microsoft’s Global Datacenters
  • Integrates CRM Online with Office 365 and Azure for ease of use and single sign-on
  • Deploy large-scale upgrades every few years or risk falling behind the curve
  • Big-bang deployments require extensive change management

Why Fullscope?

In the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide

Fullscope has a reputation for delivering successful CRM projects in short timeframes for the manufacturing and professional services sectors.

This reputation has helped us become one of the ten highest-level Microsoft partners in the UK. We’ve also been a member of the Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics for over a decade - placing us in the top 1% of partners worldwide for revenue and customer satisfaction.

Few other Microsoft Dynamics partners have the same CRM industry know-how, industry IP, proven track record and close links to Microsoft as us, and we pass the benefits of this back on to all our customers.

A proven methodology for rapid implementation

Many CRM implementations take longer than planned - six to 12 months is common - and, according to Butler Group, the rate of failure is as high as 70%.

That’s why it’s so important to choose a Microsoft Dynamics partner with a proven ability to deliver a return on investment in as short a timeframe as possible. We’ve developed our own agile methodology to implement a world-class CRM from start to finish in just 13 weeks, based on three principles:

  • Focus on the most important outcomes
  • Immerse our customers into the technology and process
  • Get you live FAST

What our customers say

“Great support and delivery from the Fullscope team, fantastic experience all round. Ripples going through our business in regard to the pragmatic approach and speed of delivery.”

Katy Bassett
Sales Operations & Enablement Director UK & Europe, Serco

“To win a client you have to respond quickly. We needed to deliver client engagement with integrity because it is embedded into the way we operate. CRM did this for us.”

Mark Sykes
Partner Head, BDO


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Claim your FREE on-prem to online assessment worth $10,000